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If you would like to Use our online donation capabilities, or

Make checks payable to: Inspiration Theatre, Inc. 

Main Office address: 7780 County Road MM, Larsen, WI 54947 

or, send or drop off at: Fortifi Bank, 908 E. Main Street, Winneconne, WI 54986. Attn: Inspiration Theatre, Inc.     Thank you!!!

(You will be sent a receipt for $100.00 or more.) 



We are a grass-roots community-centered public charity, with a goal to bring quality theatre and theatre education to all ages in our area.  Many of our auditioning volunteers are first-timers and able to experience success in lead roles on stage through this dramatic company.  Inspiration Theatre's founder, Jackie McGinnis, has directed this theatre from its conception in 2003.  She loves theater, including working with many different kinds of people with varying levels of education. She deeply appreciates all the community support and the parental support.  She is gifted and her work speaks for itself.  Jackie is a natural leader and strives to promote the highest standards in theatre and in life. 


Jackie's community theatre position is unpaid and all the hours of teaching, directing and creating are all given freely.  All money donated to this theatre goes directly into the theatre fund which pays for the Rights and Royalties, Costuming and Props, Backdrops, Orchestra Pit, Sound equipment, Hair and Make-up and Technical costs (batteries, light bulbs, mics ...).  Each year the costs have risen and the productions have been fabulous - and paid for by those who have seen the shows!   They have been happy to give so that others can bring their families and children to experience this wonderful art.  We have found, so far, that at the finish of the season, we are debt free.  As each year goes by, we are more able to have the funds necessary to invest in the Rights for the year following! This is our evidence that the public loves and supports our work and is helping us build us up! Thank you to all of you who help and support us.

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