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About Us

Inspiration Theatre is dedicated to encouraging public interest in, education in, and participation in community theatre.  We are helping young and old artists alike, showcase their talents and develop higher skills in confidence, communication and acting.  


We are building a history of theatre that is being represented here.  The very first production the director worked with was the musical Cinderella by Rogers and Hammerstein.  Since that time, the possibilities have expanded with each production.  As of August, 2019 and the completion of Hello, Dolly!,  this theatre has performed fourteen productions including: Cinderella, Pirates of Penzance (2X), Seven Brides for Seven Brothers, The Music Man, Fiddler on the Roof, The Sound of Music, The King and I, Mary Poppins, Oklahoma, My Fair Lady, Singin' in the Rain, Hello, Dolly!, Two From Galilee, and Beauty and the Beast. We are still trying to find some digital pictures for the productions that happened about ten years ago - as we find them we will update this picture history!  


Pirates of Penzance

Done in 2005, both of these actors went on to degree in the arts.


Music Man

Done in 2009, starring Nathan Michael.

Pirates of Penzance

Done in 2013, Samuel McGinnis as the Pirate King.

Pirates of Penzance

Done in 2013 Starring Mike McGinnis. and Jackie McGinnis

The Sound of Music

Done in 2013 showing Baroness Schreader with Maria behind her.  

The Sound of Music was performed in 2013 with Greg Ritzma as Captain Von Trapp and Dolly McGinnis as Maria.  The family included many young children who sang particularily well.  The older more mature voices of Leisl (Alyssa Knoll) and Louisa (Hannah Walker Michael) supported them.

Oklahoma!  was performed in August of 2016. The story of a western way of life and love was beautifully portrayed starring Collin Reetz and Morgan Fregien as Curley and Laurey.

The King and I was performed in 2014.  Taking on the vocal accent of Yule Bruenner and sporting a shaved head is Sam McGinnis as the King of Siam.  Taking the leading lady is Lisa Preissner, a perfect balance with her lovely acting abilities. 

Mary Poppins was performed in 2015 with Alyssa Knoll as Mary Poppins.  Bert was played by Michael McGinnis.  This musical also starred Collin Reetz  as Mr. Banks, Jessica Mehl as Mrs. Banks.  Jane and Micheal Banks did a fabulous job as first-timers to a major role.

My Fair Lady done in 2017, with Nic Boughton as Henry Higgins, and Katie McGinnis as Eliza Doolittle.


Singin' In the Rain done in 2018, with rain, dancing and umbrellas; not to mention the "talking pictures" starred Andrew Gehring as Don Lockwood and Anna Knoll as Kathy Seldon.


Hello, Dolly! Performed in 2019, was full of fun choreography, and marked by the presence of many young men.  A very fun musical starring Dolores McGinnis as Dolly Levi, and Aaron Knoll as Horace Vandergelder.  Supporting leads were Allyssa Knoll and Nathan Michael (Irene and Cornelius) and Leah Kubasta and Sean McGinnis (Minnie and Barnaby)

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