Inspiration Theatre, Inc.- who we are

Inspiration Theatre has been producing musicals in Winneconne, WI for over 10 years!  A grass-roots organization, this theater subsists on the donations of the viewers, the businesses and the families who have been involved, or who know of friends and relatives who are.  All age groups down to 12 years old, are encouraged to participate in the process of auditioning, practicing and performing!  We teach, demonstrate, drill, and encourage excellence in our endeavors.  Musicals loved by families everywhere are chosen, and directed by an outstanding Christian teacher, musician and artist herself, Miss Jackie McGinnis.   




The Board of Directors for the Inspiration Theatre meets about six times yearly - depending on the show and our needs!  Each of the Board members works hard behind the scenes to help provide smooth flow and organization to each of the vital areas in each production.  

Inspiration Theatre, Inc. is a non-profit organization with a six member Board of Directors:

1. President, Charles Overton

2. Vice President, Nic Anderson

3. Secy/Treasurer in process

4. Assistant Treasurer, Cindy McGinnis

5. Jessica McGinnis

6. Cindy Overton